Thursday, April 10, 2008

1 Day
2 Byks
3rd April
4 Guys >> Yash , Anuj , Conrad , Saurabh <<

The day started off at 8am for the four of us...Met at 9am at the Kunde's petrol pump which was our start point...An unexpected 520kms journey was begun and we were off...With a hope that it would be better than the ones we had before...According to the calculations this was supposed to be our longest ride with a hope that it would be somewhere around 435kms and we would have been back by 7pm but it wasn’t so...this journey was astonishingly longer then it was expected to be...WHICH WOULD BE THE LONGEST RYDE OF OUR LIFE..!! Byks roaring at full throttle was something that was new to us during this journey…

Time just passed in a jiffy and we realized that we entered the Karnataka border in a mere span of 60mins...A Little photography here n there....n off to KARWAR…in 20 minutes and we were we headed towards Honavar which is 60-70kms from Karwar...Coz it was the NH-17 and a very smooth road we were at constant 100-120 kmph cutting past the heavy vehicles. reached HONAVAR at dot 11.45am.There was a V-Junction at Honavar, one goin to Jog Falls and the other towards Murdeshwar.We headed the Murdeshwar way and were at our 1st destination (MURDESHWAR).It was around 12 noon as we approached the Murdeshwar Temple and as we were entering the locality a funny incident took place…we were stopped by the Karnataka cops....” Bikhnakars ” as they are they were dumb enough to fall for Saurabh’s learners licence with Anuj showing his brothers licence....hehe...But we had to shell 50 bucks coz we had to buy the stupid so called “KARNATAKA FLAG DAY” had something up in kannada and we could not understand anything in it…But a 50 bucks escape from the cops ain’t bad deal…isn’t it?? *=P*

MURDESHWAR-Situated between Honavar and Bhatkal, 1 Km off the National Highway is the scenic holy place of Murdeshwar. The temple is about 12 Kms from Bhatkal. The temple here has been renovated recently and has some beautiful carving and a statue.A the roaring sea to the west, the towering hills to the east and the coconut and areca groves nearby the temple attracts a lot of devotees and tourists as well. Got to do a lot of photography here. The world’s tallest idol of Lord Shiva is at Murudeshwar, already famous for its ancient temple on the seashore. The idol of Shiva is 123 feet tall and has taken nearly two years to build. The idol was built at a cost of around Rs 1 crore by RN Shetty.It is designed so that it catches the sun’s eye and thus appearing sparkling. We ate some delicious veg. thali at Naveen Beach Restautant situated in the sea…. And guess what?? Just 25 bucks for one…woahh..!!

By 1:15pm we were done with food and were off to Bhatkal…This was around 15-20kms from here….From Bhatkal We took the diversion to Jog Falls…..A single lane road with hundreds of potholes every mile….Anuj had a bad time riding here with his hands aching so I took over the P200 and made him rest as pillion whereas the Karizma had no change in rider...This 75 km internal route was the longest part of the journey and we had a tough time on it...At around 3 we stopped at a waterfall with no water actually (J) for some photography…..Now there was a change in riders once again on the p200,I sat pillion to Saurabh on the karizma and Yash took over the 200…He held the geared bike for the first time in his life...Anuj was the pillion….This triggered a major problem for us…Saurabh and myself were moving slowly on the karizma coz we wanted Yash to get acquainted to slow riding first and once he would be use to geared bike we could get going faster but this dude moved ahead and we were left behind…suddenly there was a sharp turn and we figured the bike down with these guys lying on the road…a tempo was besides the two…a bad tym for all of us…but we had to keep moving…

Yash had fractured his hand in the bargain...We had to stop at Kargal at the government hospital…poor Yash got 3 painful injections…including one on his bum (J) that could make him survive the 250kms return journey to Goa....We could no longer delay the stay at hospital as it was 4 already and we had to make it to Jog Falls…We continued with Yash as a pillion on the karizma and me behind Anuj on the p200…it was just a 7-8kms journey to Jog Falls from here...At around 4:30 we reached JOG FALLS….It had taken us more than 3 hours to cover that bumpy 75kms track…a very bad experience but memorable one..thanx to Yash...!! *=P*

JOG FALLS-The Jog falls in Karnataka are magnificent falls, set in the wild and unspoilt surroundings. Nature here has not been disturbed for the tourist tappings i.e unneussary constructions and falling of trees. The Sharavati river crashes nearly nine hundred feet down forming four main channels named king, queen rocket and roarer. Just after the monsoon season or rainy season the falls are a magnificient and awesome sight to see.

The highest is the Raja (King) fall which falls 250 m below forming a 40 m deep pool. Next to it is the Roarer, while a short distance to the south is the Rocket it is called so aptly because it spurts great shafts of water out in the air, In contrast the Rani (Queen) over the rocks gracefully.We dint get to c a lot of water tho.but our aim was to have an amazing ride….n we were on par with dat.We left Jof falls at sharp 5 for home…

It was 7pm and we had made it to Honavar and by this time it was already dark and we had problems in speeding up coz there was oncoming traffic with the headlights on making it difficult for us to see the road ahead clearly….But that wasn’t a good reason for us to stop and we kept moving on n on….Entering karwar was a bad experience at this time coz it had hundreds of trucks on the road with all the dust in the air…man this was the worst part of the ride…we halted at Karwar and it was 9pm…my face looked as though I was a labourer…lol…

A sign of relief was felt coz now we had almost made it with a mere 75kms to go…the track was almost clear now with hardly any traffic on and that could make a speedup a lil bit…this wasn’t a long stretch but it was a stressful one as we were totally exhausted with a long day…but it was a memorable one…a 520kms journey came to an end…

BIKES: P200 & Karizma
RIDERS:Anuj & Saurabh (main) ; Conrad (backup)
TOTAL FUEL COST:1900 rupees
MAX SPEED ATTAINED:120km/hr (on karizma & on p200)

[Written by Conrad Barretto and edited by me (Saurabh)]


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